A protease is an enzyme.

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European researchers found a change in the meprin gene correlated with IBD. They the the levels of meprin in affected and unaffected sections of colons from IBD patients and from healthy people. The amount of enzyme in the CED inflamed colon of patients was significantly lower than that in normal colon sections. The researchers concluded that their findings strongly correlate the severity of inflammation in both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis associated with low levels of meprin. – This discovery is a major advance in understanding the genetic control of inflammation , and of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease in particular, Bond said.

The Penn State researchers used a mouse model of IBD, Nitric oxide in the intestinal inflammation in human ulcerative colitis. Mice lacking meprin had to induce more severe intestinal damage after drinking a solution of inflammation than did which wild-type mice have the meprin. These results indicate that the level of meprin reduced inflammation in the injured intestine.The article by John Fraser, Author and Marc Hedrick, disc Cytori Therapeutics and Steve Cohen, one of the most leading plastic surgeons the U.S., critical of sees the theoretical concern raised fat grafting method for the breast . The January issue of to the Aesthetic Surgery Journal being currently available online here.

Which newly published contribution entitled treats ‘Oncologic risk of own body fat transplants of breast ‘at the January issue of of American Society Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Surgery Journal the data discrepancy between clinical and of certain lab -based literature on fat grafting A method , the chest. Can include operations in which the transplant gained with adipose stem and regenerative cells was enriched.. Published clinical experience in over 2,000 patients, the autologous received grease transplantation showed no evidence an increased risk which development of, metastatic and of breast cancer recurrence compared at Labor data.