About ARICthe Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study.

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About ARICthe Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study , the Blood of the National Heart, Lung and sponsored Institute , a prospective epidemiological study in four U.S. Communities conducted. Developed ARIC to investigate the etiology and natural history of atherosclerosis, the etiology of clinical atherosclerotic disease and variation in cardiovascular risk factors, medical care and disease. Due to race, sex, place and date.

This information opens the door for added custom diagnostic tests and treatments in a more precise and personalized manner Ballantyne, who is also member of the steering committee of the study. Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities has, in close cooperation observed more than 15,000 people for cardiovascular disease, hospitalization and mortality from heart attack or myocardial infarction and heart failure, for the last 23 years. The new grants further visit and extends the program to to December 2014 continues, a total of 28 years. The ARIC project has provided medicine with great insight into the development of heart disease.The segment comprises comments for Dana Goldman, a public policies expert at RAND, and presidential candidates Romney, former New York Mayor Giuliani , former Senator John Edwards And Kucinich (Horsley ‘ ‘all in all’NPRs, NPR audio the segment and summaries on health insurance proposal of the candidate are available online.. The candidates made their comments made during separate, on TV interviews with seven .Tour de France winner and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong and Chris Matthews , host of MSNBC ‘Hardball’Do not other republican presidential nominee, the Forum on Monday at the 10th Annual mission Conference of the Susan G.