According to a report in the December issue of Archives of Neurology check information.

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Imaging test detects Alzheimer’s disease progress progressEarly Alzheimer’s disease detected by a compound that appears to bind to brain plaques probably in symptomatic Alzheimer’s disease to progress to dementia, according to a report in the December issue of Archives of Neurology, one of the JAMA / Archives journals. Is the concept of preclinical Alzheimer’s disease, the Alzheimer’s pathological process for many years before producing a clinically detectable deteriorating, the authors write as background information in the article. An important consequence of this approach is that preclinical Alzheimer’s disease and and will not cause future sufficient synaptic and neuronal damage to cognitive and other symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease check information here . Support for the existence of preclinical Alzheimer’s disease comes from autopsies of cognitively normal older adults, many of them have the plaques plaques, tangles and deposits of a substance as beta-amyloid, the characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease known. Between 0.5linical Alzheimer’s disease can be detected by screening an individual’s cerebrospinal fluid for biomarkers of the condition. Additionally imaging can with positron emission tomography using a compound such as Pittsburgh Compound B , the beta – amyloid binds detect known deposits of the substance in living patients. And colleagues at Washington University assessed 159 older adults (average age 71, had undergone PET scans using PiB and had no symptoms of dementia. These patients were followed between 0.5 years after having the scan and underwent between two and six assessments for dementia during this period.

The PiB imaging identified persons, Alzheimer’s dementia – those in which undertakes the connection, more beta-amyloid plaques were more likely to develop in order to develop this condition would. However, he could not predict, individuals who develop dementia not caused by Alzheimer ‘s disease. – ‘Is many other people, studied for longer intervals and ideally through autopsy needed to confirm or refute our observations,’the authors write. ‘Nevertheless this study provides support for the premise that preclinical Alzheimer’s disease, either the the CSF signature of Alzheimer’s disease or demonstrated here by elevated PiB retention, symptomatic Alzheimer’s disease. ‘(Arch Neurol 2009;.

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