According to a report published Monday.

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:ew HIV cases in New Zealand falls in 2007decreased the number of new HIV cases in New Zealand since 2006, according to a report published Monday, reports NZPA / New Zealand Herald. The report – published by the AIDS Epidemiology at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand – found that 156 new HIV diagnoses last year, compared with 183 in 2006. The figures also showed that HIV cases were among heterosexual men and women from 85 in 2006 to 60 in 2007. – New Zealand AIDS Foundation Executive Director Eamonn Smythe said that even though the results are encouraging, he had hoped have have seen a decrease in the number of cases among men who have sex with men. In this group in this group peaked in 2005 and came in 2006, he said, adding: Although we are pleased it was not an increase, regrettable that we have regrettable that we have not seen a further reduction this year.

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