After Julio Montaner

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The study found that 567 people in British Columbia had the AIDS – related causes during the study without any treatment died. After Julio Montaner, director of the Center v., low-income people, the homeless, people with mental illness and drug users were without treatment . Without treatment. In addition, do not know about 25 percent of people living with HIV in Canada, that they could get the virus, so that the number of people dying from AIDS-related conditions without treatment be higher, said Montaner.

Although this study found a difference in results if given given compared to two, it how how the experiment real-life drinking behavior refers to how the process was conducted in only 13 people, and everyone beverage given only once. Studies could examine the effects of various doses of alcohol for longer periods in more people to useful results. At the moment it seems sensible to follow standard recommendations for limits on alcohol consumption.

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