Alan Wilman and Gregg Blevins.

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Twenty-two people with MS participated in the study, along with 22 people , which is not the condition. In MS, there is a real desire and need a good idea a good idea of the state and the progression of the disease, said Blevins, who is also a practicing neurologist and a researcher from the Department of Neurology. New treatments for patients with MS by observing the impact on iron levels.gression or lack of progression of the disease, a new track them. Track them. .. Alan Wilman and Gregg Blevins, Co-principal investigators of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry , uses a new MRI method for quantitative measurement iron in the brain to a greater understanding of what is in the brains in the brains of those who were to be gained recently with MS.

The researchers hope this new MRI method shown in clinical studies in patients with MS used in the next year or two, then regularly in five years within five years. And and Wilman both credit the MS patients who participated in the study, If the patient is not so willing to help, we could not get any of this, said Wilman.$ 420,000 urgently Extending Medicare Match ‘ in economic program law.

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