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An editorial by Dr. Mayer and his colleagues point out that MSM exists in all populations read more . They stress that the simple division of the HIV epidemic into one that affects MSM in industrialized countries and a heterosexual epidemic in developing countries or less developed countries is not valid. They document the high prevalence of HIV / STD in some MSM populations in Africa and Asia, and emphasize the need to act now to prevent the massive spread of the disease. Certainly an epidemic of HIV in MSM helps drive an epidemic among heterosexuals. Comprehensive programs to This HIV / STD disease transmission in MSM is often in resource-poor countries, the failure of public health programs , or homophobia, MSM behavior and stigma inhibits MSM seeking medical care hiding -. Comprehensive programs to prevent HIV / STD in MSM are needed to help control the spread. Concealing or deny this behavior only leads to more disease.

The study examined deduced antibodies against the West Nile virus by mammalian cell lines and their effectiveness with those extracted from plants. The plants are used to produce the antibodies are a relative of the common tobacco, a member of Solanceae family of plants that leaves leaves for harvesting machines and are also prolific seed producers. Seven days after the introduction of the antibody genes in plants, the leaves are harvested, homogenized, and cleaned foreign substances.

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