An ICS to an anti-inflammatory effect in the airways.

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The Symbicort SMART treatment approach is only possible patients receiving combines two components in an inhaler: budesonide, an ICS to an anti-inflammatory effect in the airways, and formoterol, a unique bronchodilator that effective and durable effective and durable . The other LABA immediate long term treatment of asthma, salmeterol, has not the features that it can be used in this way. Consequently Seretide are not used in the same manner as Symbicort SMART. In patients receiving Symbicort SMART, a maintenance dose in line with the usual practice for asthma to establish control and can then inhalations additional ‘as needed’if symptoms suggestive of both rapid symptom relief and increased asthma control in the longer term offer.

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About T-DM1T-DM1 is a potent antibody-drug conjugate the development to treat HER2-positive advanced breast. ADC are a unique combination an accurate and specific monoclonal antibody, a linker and a robust potent cytotoxic. T-DM1 combines two approaches in a medical device: the anti-cancer activity the trastuzumab antibody which signals the cancer of aggressive and signal the body block the immune system to destroy cancer to destroy cancer cells, and the targeted delivery cytotoxicity the sharp DM1.