And Obamas plan did nothing about the central issue read more.

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And Obama’s plan did nothing about the central issue, the answer to Democrats: a bill a bill through the Senate – now one vote shy of a filibuster-proof majority – in one of the most toxic environment for incumbents in the recent past (Brown and O’Connor, the Washington Post has worked on the President ‘s proposal for the extent to which it bangs on the fundamental scale and framework of the bills at the Congress for months remarkably that decision – to go big one last time rather than small. Came quickly in the White House after the senior advisor to President Obama concluded privately that made ​​his goals for comprehensive changes to the health system not piecemeal (Kornblut and S read more .ear,

In a separate story, the Wall Street Journal explains more details about the legislative contortions and adjustments for the Democrats necessary for the Democrats to use budget reconciliation process to navigate would be around a filibuster .

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