Another important innovation contest

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This initiative reflects Elsevier target closer to customers and innovative online tools to increase productivity. Another important innovation contest, the Elsevier Grand Challenge: Knowledge Enhancement in the Life Sciences is 21st on their main winner among four finalists in the Experimental Biology Meeting The winners promise new ways to enhance deep value in scientific content. Over the past year, the Grand Challenge is to describe members of of the scientific community and prototype tools invited approximately 7,000 people interpretation and identification of meaning in online journals and text databases relating to the life sciences click here .

More than 60,000 patients will be enrolled into the Xarelto clinical development program to product the product in the prevention and treatment of a broad range of acute and chronic blood-clotting disorders.

Bogyo be lead author of a study to published online 13th Of July in Nature Medicine in which it and colleagues showed in Stanford mouse it can noninvasively screen the degree of apoptosis being occur tumors in living animals, three quarters of evaluating the effectiveness of apoptosis-inducing treatment. Several steps to stay prior to determine whether this diagnostic method use in humans.