Archives of Ophthalmology.

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Archives of Ophthalmology. 128[ 8]: , the regeneration of the the regeneration of the periodontal ligament by use of tissue engineering. The 3D model in vitro, it seems designed for regenerating periodontal ligament promising and may also for restoring for restoring tendons and ligaments elsewhere in the body.

Our results have to be evaluated in other populations, particularly in view of the increasing frequency of sun sensitizing medications, the authors conclude. If our results are confirmed, it would be important to examine whether the effect is greater in patients with higher ambient temperatures, sunlight exposure and if dose and medication use is important important. Because cortical cataract is a common lens opacity ,, in about 16 % of the Beaver Dam Eye Study population at the baseline examination, our study results may be relevant to public health. .Sources: HPA, Met Office, Anthony Nolan Trust.

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