As a unconventional as the theory.

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As a unconventional as the theory, it works. Jerry Colca and Rolf Kletzien, co-founder of Kalamazoo, Michigan-based Metabolic Solutions Development Company , have completed Phase I clinical studies and just received second phase funding from a Michigan-based science fund. For for an FDA fast-track review of their work.

We are pleased that our lead compound performed so well in Phase I studies, said Colca, MSDC Chief Scientific Officer. Preclinical studies suggest that this compound significant pharmacological benefit can without the complications inherent in current PPAR – based therapies provide.The study included 27 Patient RLS, at 26 patients at least one aplindore treating. In this in the-patient study each subject spending an adaptation night in sleep laboratories to placebo – dosed overnight and be individual night one after increasing doses of aplindore from 0.05 mg to 0, If an object showed less than 50 percent PLMI reduction over the initial value in the 0.2 – mg dose , the dose to a maximum to a maximum of 0.7 mg. As scheduled, was a preliminary analysis of on your primary efficacy end point will be performed when a sufficient number of patients evaluable was achieved .

Titration, of Aplindore Add Restless Leg disease and Parkinson’s disease – Neurogen societyNeurogen Corporation today announced positive top-line results from two Phase 2 clinical trials for Restless Legs Syndrome and to the Parkinson’s Disease party of the dopamine a partial agonist aplindore These studies were the These studies were the first in which aplindore has been evaluate to RLS and Parkinsons Disease.