BMI a measure derived from the height and weight is widely used to screen children obesity used

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BMI – a measure derived from the height and weight – is widely used to screen children obesity used. First Lady Michelle Obama childhood obesity prevention initiative Let’s partner with the American Academy of Pediatrics move, to promote our regular screening of all children for obesity using BMI . Since the prevalence of obesity varies greatly in different communities and for different population groups, it is crucial to better data to monitor trends. Can enable states to know where Firmly effectively. Firmly Long John Sheon paper the that some 30 states are looking for ways around which lack of data, the disabled to fight efforts to the epidemic, including trying many, the model successfully in Arkansas, where the children for obesity schools – screened is follow developed to address. A new model of BMI surveillance in Michigan in Michigan and in San Diego County, California, where BMI data is fed routinely health care providers health care providers into existing electronic state health immunization registry systems.

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