Course Information

All courses are offered in a seminar format as well as ongoing applications to those interested.  The length of a seminar or number of classes depends on you and your needs.

    Example:  a fundamental PDRTM course is designed around a four(4) to eight(8) hour training session.  This could be broken down into 2-2hour session or 4 or 8, 1 hour sessions.  PDR can also be an ongoing experience, offering scenario training involving High GearTM suits taking your confidence and training experience to a whole new level!


Some of the course information can be expanded on as more in depth lecture based programs like the Conceptual Self Defense course for a variety of audiences.

Example:  Blauer Tactcal SystemsTM research on performance psychology and F.E.A.R. ManagementTM is adaptable to the business world and has been presented to such companies as Federal Express and SONY.


Attending a seminar is the most cost effective way to get this training, but there are options for those who want a more personal experience or can’t attend a seminar.  All courses are available in a private setting or even the comfort of your home.  How confident would you be after preparing for violence in your own car or house or the peace of mind as your child learns what to do if faced with a threat on your very own street?


If you are a non-profit organization or can not attend a seminar due to financial reasons please contact our office an inquire about our Scholarship Program.