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HLA refers to human leukocyte antigens one one of the most important methods of donors and recipients matched. Found on the surface of virtually all cells, help the difference between normal body tissue and foreign substances.Qdots contrasts well for imaging with an electronic microscope Based upon recent advancements in UCLA laboratories, the researchers hope.. Qdot molecular weight imaging is one new way of seeing biological processes of at work in cells and in little animals. Sensors can be installed to a particular protein or the receptor in order to monitor it, and to see how other molecules present in other molecules in interactions , which is part said cell and which, in pathways , the protein can be used for running a normal cellular functions or abnormal features in a row resulted in be used cancer. Quantum dots are much more resistant degradation and different optical imaging probes constitutes, pursue follow cell processes for a long time and shed a new light of molecular interactions Furthermore, as they are nanocrystals.