Critical assessment of scientific work.

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Non-Anonymous Peer review has many benefits – According to a study in the November issue of the online journal PLoS ONE, peer review, critical assessment of scientific work, could be much more effective if it is not published anonymously.

Leading Author Jeff Leek, of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore and his team developed a theoretical model for the peer review system used in addition to an online game to test the model, and further insights into the social dynamics involved. – The result showed the model and match that reviewers are rewarded good reviews, so that their submission was accepted rather an open test than in traditionally closed Reviews. The authors also discovered that both reviewers and authors collaborate more open reviews, and that the cooperative peer behavior, including open reviews lead to an increased contribution accuracy.Are there supplements he would get? He tries his best protein protein and fruit / vegetables in its diet to stress and weight gain. Carbohydrates still a weakness. Oriented Seems like a all recommendations the the overweight diabetes or insulin-dependent type 1.

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