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Patients with implanted mechanical heart valves are also counted to anticoagulation. ATI-5923, like warfarin, is a selective inhibitor of VKOR or vitamin K epoxide reductase enzyme, and has the same mechanism of action as an anticoagulant warfarin. Unlike warfarin, which is dependent of cytochrome P450 enzymes for metabolism , ATI-5923 in order to avoid in order to avoid drug-drug interactions due to its alternative metabolic pathways. We believe that the avoidance of cytochrome P450 metabolism will cause to be the dose and response to ATI-5923 are more predictable than with warfarin, avoiding the dangers of over-or – under therapeutic anticoagulation long associated with this therapy..

, a biopharmaceutical company, announced it has begun enrollment in a Phase 2/3 clinical trial for the comparing its oral anticoagulation, ATI-5923, against the leading anticoagulant warfarin. EmbraceAC named the purpose of the trial is to evaluate whether ATI-5923 is superior to warfarin in its ability to maintain patients within a target therapeutic range of the level of anticoagulation. Based on the recent interaction with the United States Food and Drug Administration , Aryx Therapeutics believes this study may be positioned as one of the required registration studies for ATI The results are The results are given at the end of the second quarter 2009..(MY Izadjoo, Cat. Bhattacherjee, CM Paranavitana, tsp Hadfield, DL Hoover 2004 Oral Sex vaccination B. Melitensis WR201 protects mice against intranasal challenge of with virulent Brucella melitensis in 16M Infection and Immunity, 72 7: 4031-4039.