Glazer conduct a study on which Krebs DNA repair genes.

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Died two participants in the study of colon cancer, however, write the authors, these cases do not seem to be use of growth hormone use of growth hormone, smaller despite the results of one. British study suggesting that growth hormone recipients had an increased risk of death from colon cancer. One patient in the current study had a hereditary form of polyposis, ‘ases the risk that increases the risk for colon cancer. – for colon cancer.Glazer conduct a study on which Krebs DNA repair genes, the RAD51 and the BRCA1, in cancer cells. His target cancerous cells develop strategies to make cancer cells more vulnerable making to therapies which aim linked repair pathways. The RAD51 creates a protein DNA repair causes and the BRCA1 is a tumor suppressor associated with breast cancer.

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The study of the National Institute of Health financed the next step is developing targeted cancers therapies has, said lead investigator, Peter Glazer, President of Therapeutic Radiology and conductors radiation biology research program Yale Cancer Center. We a program a program in order to the protein and DNA repair enzymes the the aim DNA to lock, Glazer said. We could be sense this is an Achilles heel on cancer cells, which establish create more susceptible to traditional cancer treatments. .