In a large study using province-wide data

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In a large study using province-wide data, Dr. Gill and his colleagues found that people who Moreover, people inhibitors for impotence were almost twice as likely as people with dementia who did not receive these drugs admitted to the hospital here . Experience a slowed heart rate was cholinesterase inhibitor more common in cholinesterase inhibitor users. Moreover, people were dementia dementia medications with 49 % chance of permanent pacemaker and a 18 % increased risk of hip fracture.

If the association with dementia drugs is not identified, people who faint a permanent pacemaker may be prescribed: to involve an invasive procedure that can have serious complications for seniors. Both fall injuries and the risk of cardiac pacemakers caused ‘downstream consequences ‘not to recognize this drug-induced phenomenon. ‘This study that that dementia patients should these drugs,’says Dr. ‘What is important is that patients, nurses and doctors about the possible side effects and weigh these risks carefully against the potential for positive effects. ‘.

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