In the new mouse model.

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In the new mouse model, T – cells the body’s own brain tissue. However, this is not sufficient to cause the disease, because the scientists remove the B cells, the animals remain healthy. ‘This observation surprised us all because it is contrary to the prevailing doctrine,’recalls Gurumoorthy Krishnamoorthy. The new model shows the the most a sort of interaction between the T and B cells, the T-cells army of B cells triggers the full-blown disease from its antibody attacks.

The UIC researchers a mouse model, PTP1B gene for a protease enzyme lacked found most commonly in blood cells called calpain 1, in order to determine its function. They found that mice lacking calpain 1 had reduced platelet aggregation, but had no abnormal bleeding.Co-authors are Takenori Yamaguchi, disc, Mr. Yasuo Katayama, MD, Shinichiro Uchiyama, MD, Katsuya Nishimaru, disc, Yasuhisa Kitagawa, disc, Hideo Kusuoka, by individualsokoh Genka; Motoo Tsushima, MD, Hiroko Yamamoto, disc, Norio Tanahashi, disc; Shunnosuke Handa, MD; Kempei Matsuoka, disc, Minister Yasuo Ohashi, by Yukihiro Koretsune, disc, Tohru Sawada, and in Chikuma Hamada.