IOPtima holds a U click to see full text.

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IOPtima holds a U.S. Patent on the basic concept of the technology that it has developed for the treatment of glaucoma and submitted applications for patent applications in other countries click to see full text . Bio – IOPtima is a subsidiary of Bio-Light Life Science Investments, a management and holding company specializing in biomedical technologies. BOLT: Bio – Light the Tel Aviv Stock the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the symbol TASE.

The marketIt is estimated that nearly 67 million people worldwide suffer from glaucoma. Glaucoma is a chronic disease that requires life-long therapy. Drug treatments in the amount of $ 2-3 billion spent globally each year, often because of the low patient compliance has not, and because it is in many cases limited long-term effectiveness. Early surgical intervention is performed sometimes more effective than surgery after many years of drug therapy.

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