Nielsen and postdoctoral fellows John E click to see more.

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Nielsen and postdoctoral fellows John E. Han ChineseHuerta Sanchez and Nicolas Vinckenbosch conducted the analysis at UC Berkeley, locate point mutations all, as single nucleotide polymorphisms , in the 90 genomes and then comparing Tibetan and Han separately to a control group of 100 Europeans . click to see more

Tibetans have mutations in several genes, such as the body uses oxygenA comparison of the genomes of 50 Tibetans and 40 Han Chinese that ethnic Tibetans split from the Han less than 3,000 years ago and since then rapidly developed a unique ability to higher altitudes and low oxygen thrive.

In practice, the new finding be help scientists now, for and improve techniques for making specific types of nerve. These cells are be critical future research using, develop new models for disease and one day in clinical environments to repair the damaged cells that may cause such conditions as Parkinsons Disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig sickness. – ‘which gives us a accurately and efficiently manner about stem cell on certain types of nerve cells perform,’says Xiaoqing Zhang. ‘We can supply activate this factor and convert stem to a specific destiny. ‘.

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The new plant, into said Waisman Center laboratory of UW-Madison a neuroscientist Su-Chun Zhang conducted shows the pervasive influence of Pax6 the neuroectoderm a early in early to that spits two main forms of brain cell – neurons and glia – and the hundreds of cell subtypes, the the human cerebral. – This is a known gene, says Zhang an professor of anatomy at the UW School of Medicine and Pubic Health. for a long period for a long time of the work to mice and other animals but what Pax6 doing in human development is not well known. .