No one is not his parents.

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No one is not his parents, his sister, his friends, his teachers, his coaches , the clues together, while Chase was still alive. But it was all right, after he died. ‘Says I never thought Chase was depressed, and the reason why I didn t, because I had no idea of what depression was Jeff? ‘Kids with with instructions. Things that things that you don t know but what is it it to know some things that you don t know that you don t know? ‘That ‘s why he and Laura spent the. Last four years tries, the word about the signs of suicide and all youth but it is possibleith them to spread even worked for the passage of a Michigan law that requires schools to teach about it.

The Edwardses hope that can continue their efforts to raise awareness hold other families from the experience of the overwhelming grief, suicide brought. ‘This can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, needed socioeconomic, et cetera, ‘says Jeff. An abduction an abduction of a child from within. And I hope that what can take away from the people is our experience that it absolutely can happen to you , because it happens a lot for us, and we had no reason to believe that they are. ‘.‘Understanding the basic biological foundations which neuropsychiatric disease – from molecules to reason – poses an enormous challenge and a huge challenge a major challenge biomedical research for the remainder of this century, ‘he said.