Of 77 campers.

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Moreover, participants were able to to other GFD been on a GFD for a longer time and were able to learn new coping mechanisms of them.. The study in the March issue of Pediatrics has published the results of a survey of children aged 7-17 years with celiac administered at the beginning and end a week-long gluten – free camp. Of 77 campers , 70 % were for on a gluten-free diet for less than four years and the other four years or more. While all children enjoyed the camp who are still learning, to a life with a GFD most not no longer feel embarrassed or isolated from other children adjust by dieting.

The authors hope the study, that these findings to encourage children with celiac disease, camps camps so that they quality of life quality of life at home, at school and in social interactions.Fast 500 abstract will will be introduced the first time at an outstanding program an outstanding program which science and education events.