Of the Third Worldto combat water scarcity.

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Of the Third Worldto combat water scarcity; solutions bring more crop per drop in drylandsHow soon threatens increasing water scarcity, of of climate change on agriculture in the arid regions of Middle East and other developing countries, started the scientists this week ambitious seven – country project that provides new hope for farmers in the face of acute and growing water scarcity.

Be be successful for this research, Solh said countries of the Middle East and other arid regions need to discard inappropriate policies of the past on the water and land use and leave behind fragmented research on agriculture and natural resources management. Rather, they must embrace new collaborative approaches the human capacity the human capacity and across national borders. The Water Initiative and livelihoods, he said, is a big step in the right direction. ... In a rare joint meeting out of medical and dental experts from the Peninsula the Institute for Advanced Dental Studies Organisation sponsored by was agreement on combined to operate medical and dental professionals should be order to increase consciousness which oral health and more common disease and Service. There are no doubt about the society, added Casey Herrera a leading Bay Area periodontist to is the nearest pace a collaborative approach to with the medical community, the health of patients of embracing improve outcomes.