Persons of Salmonella Tennessee.

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Forty-six patients are known to have admitted to the hospital, and there were no deaths reported. – The 39 states with reported illness are: Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin and West Virginia.. Number of cases and state sites:The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has 290 people from 39 states, Persons of Salmonella Tennessee, the Salmonella type have identified associated with this outbreak.

Great Value peanut butter is made by manufacturers other than ConAgra is not affected.. Affected. On Salmonella Outbreak and Peter Pan Peanut Butter And Great Value Peanut ButterFDA advised consumers to eat purchased any Peter Pan peanut butter since May 2006 and not beginning to Great Value peanut butter with a product code of ‘2111’purchased to eat since May 2006 due to risk of contamination with Salmonella Tennessee. Salmonella is a bacteria that causes food poisoning, and ‘Tennessee ‘is a type of salmonella. Affected all Peter Pan peanut butter purchased since ,, only the glasses Great Value peanut butter since May 2006 with a product code beginning with ‘2111 ‘which they bought. Although Great Value peanut butter with the specified product code is not by CDC to the cases of Salmonella Tennessee infection are connected, the product is manufactured in the same plant as Peter Pan peanut butter and therefore is believed to be at similar risk of contamination.On the market Cambridge Consultants Inhaler design and development process of from RDD is 2009, Europe.

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