Professor Rahman team at the Institute Pediatric Cancer Research.

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Maris of the disease. At Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia in the United States. In cooperation with the Children’s Hospital Centre for Applied Genomics, Maris ‘ group on over 550,000 changes in the genome, as single nucleotide polymorphisms known, 000 patients with neuroblastoma and 2,000 healthy individuals , they identified three genetic changes that are frequently much in patients with neuroblastoma were known to a region on chromosome 6 as 6p22.. Professor Rahman team at the Institute Pediatric Cancer Research, Section of Cancer Genetics, the British stage under the international study of Pediatric oncologist John M.

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The scientists focused on the hypothalamus, a small area of the brain, sink temperature, fatigue, circadian rhythms, and starvation controlling. Previous studies have shown in that to the regulatory mechanism of focused in neurons of to the express AgRP – a brain modulator and neuropeptides. However, exactly what factor influence AgRP expression of are poorly understood. – lead investigator Domenico Accili, Professor of Medicine.