Reports the Chicago Tribune and other Congress leaders follow this web-site.

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President-Elect Obama meets with Congressional leaders stimulus package Discuss – President Barack Obama met on Monday with Democratic and Republican congressional leaders for an economic stimulus package that funds for health care programs include talk, reports the Chicago Tribune and other Congress leaders follow this web-site .

Opinion Piece the U.S. Needs an economic – recovery plan is bold and broad, and that is exactly what President-elect Barack Obama is considering, Betty Ahrens, managing director of the Iowa Citizen Action Network, in a Des Moines Register writes opinion pieces. Clipped. Almost one-fifth of the proposed budget under Obama’s proposal to health care to health care and the biggest piece of that would be up to $ 100 billion to support the States in the growing Medicaid numbers of cases. Ahrens writes: If Congress passed swiftly moved into a big, bold and broad economic policy -recovery package, we can of of unemployment, hunger and lack of access to health care. However, she continues, that [i] f Congress does not act, conservative and progressive economists agree , worse our problems always, and unemployment is rising rapidly, more Americans go to bed hungry and millions of kids off of health care clipped. – It concludes: Congress should and and across party lines, about economic – stimulus package the public good the common good happen by addressing unemployment, health and other pressing needs (Ahrens, Des Moines Register, – Broadcast Coverage – American Public Media’s Marketplace on Monday reported on the stimulus package. Comments comments from Tyler Cowen, an economics professor at George Mason University (Ryssdal, Marketplace, American Public Media, – ABC World News Tonight on Monday examined possible provisions in the stimulus package (Tapper, World News Tonight .

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