Responses have been evaluating in AS International Working Group criteria.

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Responses have been evaluating in AS International Working Group criteria, which evaluate four main parameters: function, pain, patient global assessment, and inflammation. – At week, 42 % of patients treated with HUMIRA, 16 % of patients receiving placebo, achieved at least a 50 % reduction in disease activity by the Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index , a patient measured compared assessed composite index of disease activity measuring pain, stiffness and fatigue. Also at week 24 reached about one in five patients had a partial remission (defined as a value of 1/100 and 1/10 patients.. ATLAS study data showed that 58 % of the subjects with HUMIRA therapy and achieved at least a 20 – % reduction in signs and symptoms of pain and inflammation at 12 weeks maintained.

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