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The CLUE study is important for emergency physicians because findings findings nicardipine is the use of nicardipine instead of labetalol effective at controlling blood pressure in patients with hypertension, said Frank Peacock, MD of the Cleveland Clinic , the lead investigator of the study. If doctors lower blood pressure lower blood pressure is faster than is faster than labetalol click to follow . Nicardipine, patients were treated with nicardipine about three times more frequently the target blood pressure range could be reached within 30 minutes treatment than those with labetalol. .

About the CLUE study5Methods: Eligible patients had two systolic blood pressure readings are u003e 180 mmHg measured at least 10 minutes apart, and no contraindications to either nicardipine or labetalol . Prior to randomization, the emergency physician specified a desired target systolic blood pressure of of the patient. This pressure? 20 mmHg was the target systolic blood pressure range . NIC was started at an infusion rate of 5 mg / h and upwards every five minutes by 2.5 mg / hr titrated to the TSBPR was achieved, or a maximum of 15 mg / h was achieved, once the target area, demographic characteristics, to 3 mg / h decreases. LAB was first as a 20 mg bolus administered over 2 minutes, 40 or 80 mg boluses repeated every 10 minutes until the TSBPR was achieved, or a maximum of 300 mg had been given. The active treatment phase of the study was 30 minutes.

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