Said Peter Tam.

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Hypertension and lipid clinical data with our medical and industry colleagues in Europe in the prestigious Congress, said Peter Tam, president of VIVUS. earlier this week, was announced by Dr. Oparil pooled antihypertensive 28 – week Qnexa data with their cardiology colleagues at American Society of Hypertension. Gadde presentations on Prevent Euro 2010, the data have highlighted the impact of Qnexa on weight-related co – comorbidities with our colleagues in Europe. We are happy to be a part of this and other important clinical meetings. .

Source: VIVUS,by 25 percentntagon Official Calls for improvements in Mental Health Care For ServicemembersTestifying Thursday before the House Armed Services Military Personnel Subcommittee, Ward Casscells, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, for the improvement of mental health assessments called, stronger protection privacy and a buddy system to reduce the stigma among service members seek mental health services, the AP / Washington Post reports. Approximately 38 percent of men, 31 percent of Marines and 49 percent of National Guard members returning from combat abroad report psychological conditions such as brain injury and post – traumatic stress disorder.They felt that of this small region, marked 8q22, affiliated with a poor outcome the breast cancer patients had. At parallel, it was discovered that 12 genes in this area been overexpressed consistent – power an abnormal contaminating protein – as a consequence of the gain. It was the one region of the genome , which poor results poor outcomes despite the adjuvant chemotherapy, Wang noted.. Looking for genetic changes that are could be an recurrence despite treatment with adjuvant chemotherapy in a few breast cancer declare, scanned and the Dana-Farber scientists genome data stored cancer specimens from patients that had been treated, according modern lines, including their use of anthracyclines.

It experiments the box is narrowed to two possible candidates – and LAPTM4B YWHAZ. Researchers on lined The two remaining genes ‘ function in cancerous cells were cultured in a laboratory the cell prone anthracyclines compounds other hand, when the genes were overexpressed, resist the cell anthracyclines links but were, from other agents preliminary, slain.. Wang, Richardson, and fellow picked out the gene to the region which could involve into tumors ‘ multidrug resistance, based upon their structures and functions.