Sources: British Psychological Society.

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Sources: British Psychological Society , AlphaGalileo Foundation.currently accurate for detecting ovarian cancer RecurrenceThe accuracy of PET-CT for detecting recurrent ovarian cancer is high, more so than either CT or PET alone, says a new study by researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.For the study, the researchers have 54 body CT, PET and PET-CT studies evaluated in 53 patients with ovarian cancer who were evaluated for tumor recurrence. The researchers found that PET-CT improved accuracy over CT alone detected and over PET alone . We undertook this study because PET-CT is a hot and emerging imaging technique, and its use continues to be evaluated for many indications in the abdomen and pelvis on CT it is difficult to recognize many times to ovarian cancer relapse certain due to the presence metastases, said Sunit Sebastian, who is currently at Emory University School of Medicine and lead author of the study..

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