Suboptimal treatment .

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– Overall, the evidence on the use of targeted drug treatments improve survival improve survival in patients with advanced CRC suggests that a limited number of a limited number of eligible patients access to these new treatments. Suboptimal treatment :.

– Professor Richard Sullivan, president of the European Cancer Research Managers Foundation and co – author of the new report concludes: The first cross-country study provides a wealth of data that has a clear mandate for change in the way and thus give countries countries comply evidence-based guidelines, lack of screening programs, the use of sub-optimal treatment, whether surgical or chemotherapeutic. Remain and need to be addressed urgently be CRC are While the results of many CRC patients many deficits in the delivery of care improves .. – follow-up of patients, both those treated for CRC and treated in the pre-cancerous stage is important to detect a recurrence the likelihood of a will increase the likelihood of a cure survival survival. Currently, there are major differences in follow-up practice and limited monitoring of patients in each country.Said. Lectures this fall on the implementation of evolutionary Spotlight out of to biologist Theodore Garland.

The lectures , increase public awareness and an understanding how science and breaking browse the misunderstandings about what scientists should do follows a former series of lectures on the evolution this year when UCR.

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