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Is an important feature of nanoconjugates is the close chemical bonds the the active ingredient components damaged or separated in tissues or in the blood, such as finding their finding their way to the tumor.

Certain antibodies can be attached more targeted proteins in tumor cells, drug resistance and systemic side-effects are reduced because drugs bound to the platform and to the interior of cancer cells without affecting healthy cells and several drugs may be conducted on a single platform, making it possible to simultaneously multiple targets to attack, said Ljubimova, the Drug Delivery and nanomedicine laboratory in the Department of Neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai heads.Years triple – antiretroviral combination therapy provides long-term prevent AIDS disease, says studies.

First-line triple – antiretroviral combination treatment provides long-term protection towards AIDS cases, according to a study released Friday published in The Lancet, AFP / report.

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