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Added thatPost Opinion Pieces published about the effect of religion and abortion on ElectionThe Washington Post on Sunday published several opinion pieces examining how religion exam and abortion in the presidential election. Summaries appear below . Joe hearth: The U.S. Conference Catholic Bishops’ Conference Promoting idea that abortion trumps everything, all the time no matter what, both bad religion and bad civics is , a fireplace, a former correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter, wrote in a commentary. After a fireplace, is Sen. John McCain worthy of support will the bishops because of his antiabortion vote , though he probably is not a ban on abortion, his top priority if elected. The bishops seem to have forgotten that it is not writing simple aspirations that matter, a fireplace, adding that the bishops seem to have to be more than willing antiabortion rhetoric about results .

David Kuo. A newly constituted religious right the less emphasis on opposition to abortion rights than older conservative religious leaders who help to determine who wins the presidency for decades , former deputy director of the White House Office on Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, wrote in a commentary. Kuo says that the new religious right is progressive and more interested in issues like the environment, HIV / AIDS and poverty than in abortion. That such that such progressiveness goes only so far. Citing a poll of evangelical Christians, 70 percent were said ending abortion was important or very important .

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The research was conducted by Karolinska Institutet, Swedish Research Council and the the EU Sixth framework Programme.