The authors note when we see a face get information here.

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These findings suggest that we depend global processing of the task with the object and its functions will be performed and that holistic processing is not used in general visual expertise. The authors note when we see a face, we of the features because of the uniform configuration of faces, whereas when experts view Chinese characters they may show reduced holistic processing because they have learned to isolate and identify components appear appear repeatedly in different characters to facilitate character recognition get information here . Expertise. Bias of the left native Chinese reader volunteers in the second experiment proposes showed that this effect is not to since seems face specific a marker of a marker of general visual expertise.

The results, Psychological Science, a Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, the volunteers who are not readers of Chinese to the Chinese characters more holistically maintained, compared to native Chinese reader volunteers. The researchers hypothesized that the task of reading Chinese characters led the Chinese reader volunteers to better identify specific components of the characters . Not as clear and important to the non-Chinese reader volunteers In the second experiment the Chinese volunteers showed a preference for the characters that have been made of two left sides.

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