The first diagnostic test.

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The first diagnostic test, both HIV antigens and antibodies was approved Monday by the Food and Drug Administration on Monday. The new test means infections will be caught days earlier. Antigens are directly directly by a virus, bacteria or other microorganisms after infection. They stimulate the immune to produce antibodies in the blood of a protein found that help? fight foreign bodies such as viruses, antibodies develop days after initial infection, as the body works to fight off infection.

HIV-1 found in the world and responsible for most HIV infections, while HIV-2 mainly in West Africa mainly in West Africa. Both are transmitted in the same way, but HIV-2 appears to develop more slowly and is usually at the beginning of a test is milder necessary to determine which type you are. These highly sensitive new test – or consider whether a substance determines the composition – is used to diagnose infection before antibodies actually appear, whereas most of the tests catch only antibodies. ‘By accurately determining someone HIV infection status as early as possible, you can not only help that individual access needed treatment, care and counseling, but also to prevent new infections,’anti-retroviral drugsuci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health.The HeartMate ll has a continual flow equipment designed to order provide long-term cardiac support for advanced-stage HF patients. The implantable LVAS is driven by a rotary pumping mechanism configured that HeartMate II, has a significantly longer lifespan a pulsatile devices functional and simpler and quiet Own. Said apparatus offer flow of blood through circulatory system on a continuing basis with only a moving part. It is smaller and lighter implant as the pulsatile device.