The patients in the study.

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The golden standard for the diagnosis of carcinosarcomas Is HistochemistryA case study has carcinosarcoma in World Journal of Gastroenterology published. The patients in the study, the first case of gastric carcinosarcoma was obtained in this part of the world. The patient was admitted by Dr. Tomislav Randjelovic as surgeon and Dr. Branka Filipovic as a gastroenterologist. The surgery was performed by Dr. Randjelovic and his team, the anatomical and patoanatomical evaluation of macroscopic and microscopic features of the tumor by Dr. By Dr. Cemerikic and Dr. Filipovic.

Moreover, our case to the best our knowledge, the first reported. It is important, not the possibility of occurrence of carcinosarcoma in the differential diagnosis of clinical manifestations in the paper to be to be non-specific and can be many many diseases of the stomach to reject described. Her case shows, – histochemistry that is the gold standard in the diagnosis of carcinosarcomas: epithelial component expressed positivity for cytokeratin 18, epithelial membranous antigen , and carcinoembryonic antigen . Chromogranin A positive epithelial cells could also be observed. The mesenchymal component had intensive staining for vimentin, although neither muscle strength nor neural differentiation could be found.As this summer, UAB Hospital to 25 metropolitan hospital starting screening of every adults dealt with in the ER on HIV through a the program designed from CDC.

Results from a randomized trial in Africa that showed a 96 – % reduction in the danger an infection by prevent confirm the wisdom of the strategic, he says.. Saag say impediments remain that eradicate this disease. ‘I think the next 30 years, we have two major challenges: The first is to create a cured at long-lived cells infects infected, and the second shows prevention The greatest hope for prevention be now for all that are infected with HIV now find by tests, if we are all infects by HIV in that country was able to get at care and suppress the virus, we were to stop transmission of the disease, ‘says Saag.