The research published in this month goes one step further.

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Yanik and two staff, lead authors Fei Zeng, on the chip.ral researcher in the Research Laboratory of Electronics , and Christopher as a student in electrical engineering and computer science, they are able to make the animals motionless in the chip with an unprecedented stability for several minutes instead of seconds. This then allows them three-dimensional imaging three-dimensional imaging of the worm at the subcellular resolution, but also the animals reliably work with a high-precision laser surgery, neuronal degeneration neuronal degeneration and regeneration on the chip. Yanik team had previously shown that neuronal regeneration in C. Elegans can be studied using femtosecond laser microsurgery.

The team has a unique opportunity to immobilize while they are awake while they are awake for a few minutes even with unparalleled stability, which could then quickly the researchers detailed perform three-dimensional imaging and found high-resolution laser nano – surgery on the implementation animals.This event brings expert discuss emerging market a global and bar, such as the the current changing environment directive on market access on market access in those markets and. As a result of of the global strategies.. Pharmaceutical to emerging marketThe Conference Dates: 17-18. November 2011 Location: Miami, Florida Pre-Conference Workshop : 16 emerging market have increasingly the subject by the pharmaceutical companies the looking for new market opportunities other side of the traditional ‘rich world’country.

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Writer Judith A. A professor at the Bolton School of Nursing, Case Western Reserve has been researching for through pregnancy bedrest on more than two decades. In this article, Dr. Maloni valued all known research about rest in bed, high-risk pregnancy, premature delivery, and how that the side effects of bone loss, thrombotic, depression, bedrest stress and other symptoms.