The research was supported by Gavan Fitzsimons.

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The research was supported by Gavan Fitzsimons, professor of marketing and psychology at Duke ‘s Fuqua School of Business, and Andrea Morales, an assistant professor of marketing at Arizona State WP Carey School of Business conducted. The results in May 2007 in May 2007, Journal of Marketing Research.

‘Because these products are so common, consumers are likely to experience feelings of disgust on routine shopping trips,’Fitzsimons said. – Fitzsimons and Morales tries to understand how ‘disgusting’products can affect consumers’ opinions of other products in their grocery carts. They conducted a series of experiments in which participants observed food placed in the proximity or contact of a tasteless product.. Can cause other common products, the feelings of disgust in consumers include trash bags, cat litter, diapers, cigarettes, mayonnaise and shortening.Recent research had sold evaluation of effectiveness of a broad range of popular slimming product supplement in the Supplies Pharmacies and health food no evidence that everyone Used to facilitate by them lose weight over the placebo effect.