The traditional Asian diet many of raw fish and seafood.

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Put a brass plate at the bottom of the aquarium – Now Korean scientists have come up with a simple and effective way to ensure that shellfish arrive safely. – We have shown that copper ions diffuse out from a brass plate filled in an aquarium with sea water and within 40 hours the copper killed 99, 99 percent of theof Vibrio food poisoning bacteria contaminating the living fish and shellfish, Jeong – Weon Huh says the Department of Health Research, at Gyeonggi-do Institute of Health and Environment, Republic of Korea..

‘With the ability copper ions copper ions, people people from consuming excess copper themselves , but let them safely enjoy any kind of fish, ‘either raw or cooked, says Dr Jeong – Weon Huh.Kenneth E appear to depression to reduce following cardiac surgery.

Over a fifth of patients undergoes depressive episode following coronary artery bypass grafting and least as many development milder forms of depression, according to background more in the article. Depression around the the time of surgery predicted postoperative complications, longer physical and emotional recreation, inferior quality of life and increased rates of cardiac events and mortality in[ death of], the authors wrote, and can also be linked to problems with the thinking, learning and store..