This new type of wheat stem rust follow this web-site.

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This new type of wheat stem rust, Mundt said, has the potential 75 % 75 % of the world’s known wheat varieties, and in a bad year can lead to to 50 % of crop losses in some parts of the world follow this web-site . – We do not want suggest that the sky is falling, but major losses could occur if the right set of conditions converges, Mundt said. This is something that show we do not have a chance to. Distribute it already in Iran, and the new global spread global spread may be about to ride. .

Notes:Other contributors to this research were from North Carolina State University, Foundationational Corp. And the University of Alaska / Fairbanks The study was supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Ecology of Infectious Diseases Program of the National Science Foundation. Foundation and National Institutes of Health.

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