This work is a collaboration with the group of Timothy Ratliff.

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Generally are functionalized microcantilevers, a type of substance by them detect fluids, Savran said. But could be in a position to a sequence of precisely placed dots of different chemicals on each cantilever micro pressure, making it possible to functionalize a device a number of substances a number of substances simultaneously. Such a sensing technology would also require a smaller sample than conventional diagnostic technologies, making it particularly useful.. This work is a collaboration with the group of Timothy Ratliff, the Robert Wallace Miller Director of the Purdue Center for Cancer Research.

These stages are essentially platforms on which the samples for viewing and editing assemble. In contrast to most other MicroTweezers, The research wasw device easily peeled off portable and can be easily detached from a platform and brought another lab while still a micro-size object hold for study, Savran said. The two-pronged pincer is used in a laboratory as a ‘clean room’with the same techniques to create micro-machined micro – chips and computer chips.Government’s poverty reduction If health problems health problems, said opinion pcs.

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