To the nerves.

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To the nerves, the researchers injected mouse brains with two viruses follow, one after another.The researchers first injected a low-grade virus into the higher centers of a mouse brain, where it infected nearby neurons.This first virus left the neurons susceptible to infection by the second virus was injected two weeks later. Opposite – fluorescent red color – was developed by staff Edward Callaway at the Salk Institute.

– In addition, he said, be be similar organizational principles in flies and mice, despite the evolutionary distance between them. .. They found that most of the nerve to the higher position of machining centers pathways innate direct the mice or not certain odors and trigger a response originated from a region – the top part of the olfactory bulb. This could explain how the mouse brain directs the animal innate fear response to cat or fox urine. This is in contrast to the position of neurons in the areas of the brain that learned responses to process odor -. The neurons associated with learned responses, olfactory bulb, olfactory bulb, and their relative lack of organization could its flexibility, since the mice to learn to avoid or to reflect new scents are drawn.The current study focussed on TRPV2 canal , because a previous study showed poorly differentiated expressing the mRNA and protein TRPV2 directly with of the stage and degree of malignancy in human tissue correlated UC . Based on surface pT1 in the direction of the view more noninvasive PT2 and PT3 stages progressive upregulation TRPV2 ,, reaching excessively high values in the muscle – noninvasive theater pT4. The authors studied the that gene and protein expression of carried RT – PCR, Western blot and immunohistochemical analyzes, but it was not know whether TRPV2 in UCs are functional or not.

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