Under the researchers other key results of the study.

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Under the researchers other key results of the study, you will be presented separately at the conference that consuming an extremely high-fat McDonald’s breakfast meal consisting of two English muffin sandwiches, brown tones with eggs and another with sausage, along with hash and a decaffeinated beverage, had tested no immediate or short-term effects on vascular health subjects vessels were actually less rigid than four hours after the meal, while endothelial or blood vessel lining function remained normal..

The safety of Amitiza been evaluated in humans been evaluated in humans. In guinea pigs, lubiprostone has been shown that the potential to cause fetal loss. Amitiza should be used during pregnancy only if the benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus. Who could become pregnant should have a negative pregnancy test prior to beginning therapy with Amitiza and capable of capable of effective contraceptive measures. Patients receiving Amitiza may experience nausea. If this happens, the concomitant administration of food with AMITIZA the symptoms of nausea.Louis and be amino acid sequence amino acid sequence, the carboxy terminal peptide . CTP occurs of course in humans, and if bound to a therapeutic protein, prolongs the time the active in the body active in the body. The potential clinical benefits of technology was. By Organon International, a unit Akzo Nobel a license for a license for the CTP technology of certain endocrine protein The Organon recently commenced stage III trials of product CTP follicle stimulating hormone , after Phase II data shown that a single injection of FSH-CTP provides the same clinical effect of up to seven subsequent daily injections from standard FSH.

Long post in Endocrinology reports show Of Modigene expand potential of technological for the term of Protein – Modigene Inc. reports that a study a study in the October issue of of the magazine Endocrinology in that erythropoietin to publish Modigene to carboxy-terminal peptide technology much increased half-life of EPO in standard animal models. The study, which assesses an early version of EPO – CTP to a single weekly injection as well effective in increasing hematocrit of level been administered as the same cumulative dose of Quite EPO in three injections of the course of a week. – The latest version of EPO – CTP undergoing preclinical development from Modigene was further enhanced the period of the medicament and show in animal models of a ca 33 percent longer half-life and greater biological activity as the Aranesp , Amgen’s long-acting EPO..