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Body attractions CT images are fused in patients with renal impairment before cryosurgery. He showed examples. Three transponders imaging and laparoscopic instruments to the Polaris to the Polaris system for the coordination of several optical trackers. This provides real-time AR used imaging during surgery. He was as the as the image on the image, and can draw surgical operation in more detail. For example, extracapsular extension and the neurovascular bundle painted in the surgical field..

Major or minor, HIV / AIDS, Other Global Health Problems with growth in Public Health ascribed students, Washington Pos reportsThe Washington Post on Friday examined the ‘record numbers’of undergraduate students, the global with the lessons of epidemiology, health and public health, in part by the HIV / AIDS pandemic and motivation on the field wearing driven.Lindsay said the new AFM way could be important for drug discovery. – This development opens up the AFM as a research tool, Lindsay was added. The capacity to identify the specific proteins on a membrane surface area, somewhat something very complex, like the surface a human cell are with all kind of different receptors in she and asking questions on local chemistry which is binding on these sites. That the basic knowledge you need order provide be in developing new drugs.

One key capability of of this technique, Lindsay said that explorer see how to react the components of an cell of at the molecular level when they biological processes, such Your to experience response to an specific chemical or compound. In this mode it can researchers with a molecular ‘time-lapse movie ‘such reactions that could lead to a better understanding of chemical dynamics out how cells react to such stimuli involved.