When the body is a decrease in oxygen available to the body.

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Normally, when the body is a decrease in oxygen available to the body, more is created. This protein stimulates the production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells in the bone marrow, thereby reducing the number of red blood cells increased. When this natural mechanism is hindered , it is necessary to stimulate the receptors to produce red blood cells which is what CERA was developed to do. The goal of treatment is to increase hemoglobin. To a desired level and maintain that level in course of time.

About anemiaIt ‘s not about 530,000 U.S. CKD patients on dialysis and 324’000 U.S. Dialysis Anemia from anemia. Anemia refers to patients. A lower than normal level of red blood cells or hemoglobin in their Hemoglobin enables red blood cells that carries oxygen around the body and therefore, when the body of the oxygen it requires, extreme fatigue sets in starves with dizziness, pale skin and other symptoms. Other serious clinical complications will appear as the body – especially the heart – works harder to compensate for the lack of oxygen.‘The ability to native human antibodies accessed by the lack an appropriate fusion partner or other technical challenges facing been hampered,’said Barbara S. Schilberg, managing and CEO of, BioAdvance. ‘Immunome technological address these challenge and makes capital-efficient identify antibodies from the human the body itself developed. We are delighted to work with that accomplished team of the potential of this the potential of this technological.