When their proliferation is out of control.

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‘One of the goals of this line of research, she said, ways to neurogenesis in a controlled manner, then the identification signal paths, factors and receptors that block or promote neurogenesis important to find important to find is ‘Bordey said. ‘These factors and receptors additional sites for pharmaceutical targets neurogenesis and and self-renewal of dying cells. ‘ – Alternatively, identifying negative GABAergic signaling on stem cell proliferation, as the researchers in this study suggests that all drugs that enhance GABA function would be able to limit neurogenesis, she said,. – ‘GABAergic drugs such as alcohol and benzodiazepines have been used by a large number of people in our society and these drugs are likely to stem cell proliferation block ‘Bordey said ‘such an impact of these drugs on neurogenesis and brain function would be.

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