Who is Providence Combatives?

Who is Providence Combatives?

Steve Wakefoose is the Instructor of  Providence Combatives and currently a certified Level 1 Personal Defense Readiness coach, and

S.P.E.A.R. system Fundamentals coach with advanced certifications in the Blauer Tactical Systems Weapons Protection and Ground Fighting curriculums serving Pennsylvania.


With over 20 years of studying and teaching Martial Arts and Defensive Tactics in the private and public sectors, he has the experience and knowledge to fulfill your personal safety training needs.


Steve currently serves in Law Enforcement as Defensive Tactics and Firearms Instructor.


“In my line of work I often found traditional training lacking.  In most confrontations I was comfortable before (during the argument or pre-contact stage) and during the fight; it was the transition from verbal to physical that I felt unsure.  Often I waited until the physical aggression began before I was able to act or react.  As you can imagine this did not always turn out for the best, until I found the research and training from Blauer Tactical Systems.  Through their training I was able to feel confident in any situation, working in the jail or walking with my kids to the park.  I hope you afford me the honor of sharing these lessons I have learned with you.”



Steve Wakefoose